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by Crystal Lyons on September 14, 2023


Small batch blends are the foundation of Cabana Pantry. Our recipe kits and mixes save time and effort while providing consistent results. Our blends are on-trend with global flavors and allow the home cook to save time and attain true flavor on their culinary journey. Subscribe to our Cabana BRUNCH BOX - the subscription box for busy entertainers who enjoy culinary adventures in their kitchens.
Our Promise

Cabana BRUNCH BOX is bold, fun and flavorful without all the additives and preservatives. Small batch, ingredient-conscious blends are the foundation of the Cabana BRUNCH BOX. Cabana Pantry blends contain no MSG or soy, are gluten-free and vegan. We do not use anti-caking agents in any of our products, natural clumping may occur.

Breakfast is a meal, Brunch is a culture!

Take a look at the dishes we've prepared from recent Cabana Brunch Boxes. Our recipes are bold, fun and flavorful. Your new BFF!

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We love brunch!  We love to make brunch at home most weekends. You'll find bold, fun and flavorful brunch recipes here. It's time to reconnect and share with your friends and family.

Cabana Pantry is home of the Cabana BRUNCH BOX. Check it out.

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